54 Ways to Organise Your Life

I have days where I’m super-organised, everything is perfectly planned and I feel really, really productive! Other days, I don’t know how I even manage to leave the house…It all started after I had my son, so I’m going to blame it on baby-brain because it is definitely real!

Surely I’m not the only one who has these crazy days, so I thought I’d share a few things that actually make a big difference to how productive my day is.

OK maybe reading this list alone won’t organise your life, but it will definitely give you a few ideas of small things that you can start doing to make your days less stressful.

Alright, enough of my rambling…Here’s my killer list to help you sort your life out!

54 Ways to Feel More Organised

  1. Write things down before you forget
  2. Set a 15-minute timer to complete small tasks before moving on
  3. Follow a routine in the morning, and the evening too
  4. Put things back in their place as soon as you’re finished with them
  5. Create a meal plan for the week ahead
  6. Meal prep for the week ahead, following the above meal plan
  7. Unsubscribe from unwanted emails
  8. Try not to multi-task. Give each task your full attention
  9. Schedule some daily downtime for yourself. Try at least 60 minutes with no phone, social media, emails etc.
  10. Use a calendar: on your phone, a diary or planner, even a wall calendar
  11. Learn to say ‘no’ sometimes. You don’t have to attend every event you’re invited to.
  12. Declutter your work-space
  13. Set yourself a challenge, and include others
  14. Clear out your handbag weekly
  15. Learn how to batch cook, and use your freezer
  16. Set yourself a budget and review it weekly
  17. Tidy up after yourself
  18. Donate items that you don’t use regularly
  19. Schedule your washing machine to start while you’re asleep, so it’s finished just before you wake up. (Most machines have delayed-start timers)
  20. Make your calendar visible to friends & family. Put it up in the kitchen, or share it digitally
  21. Sort through your mail straight away
  22. Take a photo of documents so you can keep a record, and get rid of the paper copy
  23. Use the Reminder App on your phone
  24. Create templates, e.g. for emails that you send regularly
  25. Dictate text instead of typing
  26. Get enough sleep – aim for at least 8 hours a night
  27. Wake up early
  28. Leave your phone in another room if it’s a distraction
  29. Have a cleaning schedule
  30. Choose and lay out your clothes the night before
  31. Wash up or put things in the dishwasher straight away
  32. Tidy up your computer desktop
  33. Use a password manager on your personal devices
  34. Set up direct debits for your bills
  35. Automate monthly savings to be transferred to a separate account on payday
  36. Go paperless where you can. Opt for email correspondence instead
  37. Close unused bank accounts; less paper, and fewer emails
  38. Make your bed
  39. Stockpile regularly used items when they’re on offer
  40. Use your space wisely! Not everyone has masses of space, but there are some inventive storage solutions out there
  41. Track your calories
  42. Prepare your meals & snacks for the next day, and log/track it at the same time
  43. Write a shopping list and keep it up to date. As soon as you see things running low, write it down
  44. Plan your route in advance, if you’re going somewhere new
  45. If you have a long daily commute, check your route before you set off, in case there are delays
  46. Clean your car and keep it clutter free
  47. Listen to something that motivates you. Music, Podcasts, audiobooks
  48. Follow/subscribe to people on social media that motivate you. YouTube is great for this!
  49. Research big purchases online, and small ones too
  50. Use the UNFOLLOW button! Review your social media and be brutal; unfollow anyone who doesn’t inspire, entertain or motivate you.
  51. Get up, shower and get dressed (even if you don’t plan on leaving the house that day)
  52. Make your own coffee/tea/juice and take it with you, instead of buying them when you’re out
  53. Always have a refillable water bottle with you
  54. Write down your ideas and revisit them often
Photo by Hey Beauti Magazine on Unsplash

So, hopefully you’ve made it to the end a little bit more inspired than when you started.

If there’s anything you think I’ve missed let me know in the comments below, or send me an email on contact@wheresmylist.com

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